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Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010


We Offer...

Reefer Specialist Products

Reefer Specialist  specialises in refrigeration technologies providing the intermodal industry with innovative products and services.

Reefer Specialist Cost

Purchasing, maintaining and operating our product cost money - but with focus on innovative features, we have the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the market

Reefer Specialist Features

Having based our product not only on our own visions but also on market requirements, we offer a wide range of benefits usch as capacity and temperature control. Furthermore we offer a range of optional features such as QUEST and AV/AV+ - for you to choose if your business requires it.

Reefer Specialist Environment

Reefer Specialist contributes in a postivie way to the environment by having reduced the energy consumption of our products and using sustainable production methods.